Do you know what data you're sharing through third-party apps?

We can show you.

Vorlon enables continuous near real-time detection and identification of third-party apps consuming your data. Our agentless patent-pending solution facilitates risk profiling of apps, and provides AI-driven behavioral analytics with response recommendations.

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We have spent the last year working closely with a select group of Enterprise customers to build and refine Vorlon. The feedback has been incredible.

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Sue Bergamo
CIO/CISO, BTE Partners

"The Vorlon team has used their deep cybersecurity experience to develop an effective way in solving third-party security with the added benefits of automated detection/response, data privacy and secrets monitoring. The Vorlon platform stands out from others by preparing Enterprises to defend against stolen secrets that lead to data exfiltration."

Anthony Lee-Masis
CISO and Data Privacy Officer

"Every few years, cybersecurity undergoes a transformation to safeguard what's truly invaluable. As businesses increasingly embrace third-party solutions, it's crucial to monitor the data flowing between them. Enter Vorlon, a solution designed to empower businesses with the essential visibility and proactive security measures needed to protect their most valuable assets."

Eric Richard
CISO, Hubspot

“Nearly 98.3% of organizations are connected to at least one third-party that has suffered a data breach. This highlights the pressing need for the next generation of cybersecurity solutions, which must be equipped to detect, investigate, and respond to threats targeting data within third-party applications.”

Visibility For Security and Compliance


Understand your risks in the third-party apps your Enterprise uses with clear insights and recommendations. Report progress to your stakeholders and board with confidence.

Security Teams

Gain visibility into your third-party apps. Detect, investigate, and respond to abnormal third-party app activity, data breaches, and security incidents in near real-time.

Compliance Teams

Determine whether the third-party apps your Enterprise uses are compliant with regulations. Provide proof of compliance to stakeholders with confidence.

Data Privacy Teams

Gain visibility into the third-party apps accessing your Enterprise’s sensitive data. Identify possible PII/PHI/PCI violations and remediate with actionable insights.

Third-Party Data Intelligence

Third-Party Data Security

Stay informed about the third-party apps accessing your sensitive data.

Third-Party Risk Analysis

Third-party app risk is complicated. Untangle it with comprehensive, standardized risk analysis.

Secrets Monitoring

Monitor all third -party secrets and see their behavior in real-time, better than a spreadsheet.

Third-Party Detection and Response

Spend less time digging through logs and more time knowing your third party apps are secure.

Generative AI-Visor

Don’t spend time searching through traffic logs. Ask your AI-Visor for the information you need.

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